Beekeeping Management System

The Joint project of F. Benton International Beekeeping Association, Goldbee LLC and National Food Agency of Georgia aims to create and develop software for general beekeeping; to implement EU and OIE recommendations for commercial beekeepers in Georgia, to encourage the transition to modern beekeeping standards in the country and to promote the export of Caucasian bees to the EU & USA/Canada market.

The system consists of the following modules:

  • Management
  • Veterinary control
  • Beehives monitoring
  • Quneebee production
  • Beekeeping online maps
  • Breeding/morphometric analysis
  • Statistics/Database
  • Diagnosis tools
  • Scientific/educational part
  • Production catalog
  • Consultation/Guidelines
  • Laboratory tests

The management system is a program consisting of desktop and mobile versions and allows companies and private beekeepers to join a unified information database. This will allow data collection on existing beehives, products, veterinary status, diseases, treatment and more. On the basis of the program, it will be also possible to establish a communication link between authorized bodies/services and producers as well as international commercial companies; To create guidelines for specific tasks, ongoing processes, treatments, etc. The introduction of the system will help to create export products with detailed specifications taking into account an international trade requirements.

The system is transparent and accessible by the authorized persons defined by the National Food Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia, as well as international organizations and private companies.