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Our mission is to support beekeeping globally and help to popularize Caucasian bees among commercial and individual beekeepers, and support government beekeeping programs. Caucasian bees proved their ability and today they are considered as one of the best choice for many beekeepers in the world. Membership connects you with other beekeepers, organizations and researchers and supports a common effort to promote Caucasian bees and help the agricultural industry with better pollination capability.
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F. Benton International Beekeeping Association
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F. Benton International Beekeeping Association

The goals and objectives of the Association are: - scientific, legal, economic and methodological support for professional & amateur beekeeping in Georgia and in the world.

1.8 The goals and objectives of the Association
1.8.1 To support the conservation of endemic population of Caucasian (Georgian) bees Apis Mellifera Caucasia in Georgia.
1.8.2 To support scientific research, selection and breeding of Caucasian (Georgian) bees.
1.8.3 To revive the historical ties between Georgian and the United States / European beekeepers.
1.8.4 To create a unified platform for scientific information on endemic Caucasian (Georgian) bees.
1.8.5 To establish communication mechanisms between Georgian and American & international beekeepers.
1.8.6 To join the efforts on the basis of historical experience for popularization of Caucasian (Georgian) bees worldwide.
1.8.7 To study and research the unique characteristics of Caucasian (Georgian) bees and determine positive factors in agriculture including managed pollination.
1.8.8 Participation in scientific-technical information and personnel exchange programs.
1.8.9 Participation in Georgian bee research & popularization grant programs in the world.
1.8.10 Communication with government agencies and supporting activities for the legal export of Georgian bees abroad.
1.8.11 Systematic and complex development of beekeeping in Georgia.
1.8.12 To support the improvements & promote innovations in the beekeeping products industry for better quality. Adherence to zootechnical, veterinary-sanitary and environmental standards, ensuring maintenance rules and safety of bee products.
1.8.13 Coordination of activities to promote and popularize beekeeping worldwide. Promotion of consumption of bee products (propolis, royal jelly, pollen,) worldwide.
1.8.14 To support the prevention of honey bee diseases; Support for promising medicinal products based on bee products.
1.8.15 To collaborate in the development of control systems of bee colonies; implementation of measures to prevent poisoning by pesticides and agrochemicals.
1.8.16 Introduction of modern methods of beekeeping among the members of the Association and instructions and support leads to improve beekeeping profitability.
1.8.17 To facilitate the sharing of experience among association members.
1.8.18 To promote and support vocational training and retraining in beekeeping.
1.8.19 To support improvement of technical level in beekeeping.
1.8.20 To promote legal and financial support for beekeeping worldwide; To protect interests of beekeepers and consumers of beekeeping products.
1.8.21 To support the development of breeding facilities.
1.8.22 To support the development and introduction of innovative information (digital) technologies in all areas of beekeeping, including industry.
1.8.23 Cooperation with scientific institutions and participation in joint events.
1.8.24 To support the development of innovative methods and preparations aimed at improving bee health and productivity.
1.8.25 To systematize the knowledge and experience accumulated in beekeeping. Planning and promoting educational programs, promoting the dissemination of scientific literature, photos and videos.
1.8.26 To organize and collaborate on international beekeeping conferences, congresses, forums and seminars.
1.8.27 To support and promote exhibition-sales of beekeeping products, inventory, veterinary preparations and books.
1.8.28 To collaborate with certified laboratories for product quality analysis.
1.8.29 To cooperate with state bodies & financial institutions in beekeeping development agendas (in industry, legislation and quality control systems).
1.8.30 To protect a civilized market in Georgia from unscrupulous products.
1.8.31 To design initiatives aimed at drafting legislative and other regulatory legal acts and submitting them to the legislature for consideration in accordance with the law;
1.8.32 Publishing activities.
1.8.33 To carry out information activities in the media and information networks, including television and radio broadcasters (in accordance with the rules established by the current law).
1.8.34 Development and publication of textbooks, reference books, guidelines and other literature in accordance with the goals of the Association, both on paper and in electronic form.
1.8.35 Creating databases and other supporting information systems that help improve the effectiveness of the Association;
1.8.36 On a voluntary basis to attract funds from interested individuals, funds and legal entities to achieve the goals of the Association.