Web Conference

Date/Time: 18:00, Dec 21, 2020. GMT/UTC +4 hours







Aims and Objectives
The aim of the conference is to share experiences, ideas and future plans between scientists and practicing beekeepers in different countries. Conference participants through the ZOOM program have the opportunity to share their vision with the members of the association and arrange a presentation of projects.

Participants will be given 10-15 minutes in a row, and at the end, the resume will be made by the founder Mr. Zaza Baazov.

The Founders: Zaza Baazov. Leri Markarov. Zviad Loria.

Honorary members:
George Madzgarashvili. PhD, Professor. Doctor of Agricultural Sciences
Nana Maisuradze, PhD. Scientific-research Center. Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia
Serjio Glebskij, Spain. Innovator, Beekeeper, Researcher


  • General problems of beekeeping
  • Breeding facility
  • Morphometric analysis
  • The importance of Georgian bees in agriculture
  • Demand for Georgian bees in foreign countries
  • Scientific analysis of bee nutrition and practical advice
  • Anti Varroa treatment and perspectives
  • Beekeeping products and prospects for their use to enhance human health
  • Pollination and honeybees
  • Beekeeping unified management software – 21 century challenges.
18:00 ..... The conference is opened by Mr Leri Markarow, the founder of the Association. Welcome message.
18:10 ...... The general goal and perspectives of the Association.
Zaza Baazov
18:20 ..... Breeding and scientific research methodology.
Nana Maisuradze
18:30 ..... The worldwide importance and history of the Georgian bees.
Leri Markarov
18:45 ..... Technological Innovations developed by prof. G. Madzgharashvili
George Madzgarashvili
19:00 ..... Acoustic testing of beehive and anti-Varroa methodology.
Serjio Glebskij
19:15 ..... Beekeeping management software. Managed pollination. Beekeeping Alert System.
Zviad Loria
19:25 ..... Veteran beekeepers support program in USA.
Viktor Gegeshidze
19:35 ..... Conversation among participants.
  • Type : Web meeting
  • Description: International Conference
  • Organization: FBIBA
  • URL: Link